Doelenkwartet4The DoelenKwartet is one of the most prominent string quartets in the Netherlands where modern classical music is concerned. Their repertoire encompasses more than 200 contemporary pieces and compositions dating back to the early twentieth century. With the purpose of placing their modern music within an historical context, the quartet will incidentally revive classical pieces. Collaboration with prominent composers has allowed the quartet to develop their own unmistakable musical signature: Steve Reich, Henri Dutilleux, Kevin Volans, John Adams, Wolfgang Rihm, Hans Abrahamsen, Willem Jeths, Peter-Jan Wagemans.
The DoelenKwartet also endorses the younger generation of composers at home and abroad, as can be heard each year during the Gaudeamus Festival.
The DoelenKwartet is the house quartet of the Doelen concert building. Their concerts form a significant part of the Red Sofa Serie. As of the season 2010/2011 the DoelenKwartet has also played their own series in the Nieuwe Kerk in the Hague.
Doelenkwartet4Besides performing on important stages and festivals in the Netherlands the Quartet has played in France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark and Costa Rica.Through special CD recordings of composers, such as Hans Erich Apostel, Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Wolfgang Rihm and Willem Jeths, the DoelenKwartet has set itself apart from the rest.
The DoelenKwartet collaborates with the innovative label, Cybele-Records. The CD’s released by Cybele-Records have been rewarded several prizes including the Echo Klassik Preis (twice), the Leopold Preis, the Editors Choice of the Grammophone and nominations for the Deutsche Schalplattenpreis in 2009 and 2010.