Maartje foto maartjeStarted playing violin at the age of 6 at the music-school in Leiden. In 1997 she won first prize during the Young Talent competition in Tilburg. In 2007 she took her Masters at the The Hague Royal Conservatory, studying with Ilona Sie Dhian Ho en Jaring Walta. From 2004 till 2014 Maartje has been a member of the Mozart Orchestra of Bologna, founded by Claudio Abbado. Since 2007 Maartje is playing in the DoelenKwartet.
Besides her activities as a violinist she enjoys teaching children and adults the violin. She has been a teacher at the Pivo-project from the Royal Conservatory; a special program for teaching the violin for children from the age of five. Maartje has also been a violin teacher at the Koorenhuis, the music school of The Hague. At the moment she is teaching privately in Angerenstein, in the northern part of Arnhem.